Study, not because your mom asks you to, but because now you know, that she is always right. You may see it as a very disturbing noise, but just imagine if she’s not there. If you dont have a mom to ask you to study all the time. So study because you have a caring mom and you know her value.

Study, not because your dad scolded you for having your mobile phone 24*7 in your hand, but because you see his value and because you know how hard your dad still works, to give you the best and the most expensive mobile phone out there. Because your parents did and do everything to see you in a better place than they are, in the future.

Study, not because your boyfriend/girlfriend asks you to, but because your finals start in next week and you have to make him/her proud by getting better grades.

Study, not because it is what you must be doing right now, but because you need to see the people who hurt you and the people who are jealous of you suffer, by seeing your success.

Study, not because the one next to you does. Because you want to get better grades than him/her, cause he/she got better grades in his/her assignments without attending lectures, but by copying your answers.

Study, not because you dont remember what you learnt, but because neither you nor anyone else in your class understand how to draw flow nets in soil mechanics.

Study, not because your lecturer didnt cover that part, but because he will anyway ask questions from that part too.

Study, because you want to eat spaghetti bolognaise on a 128th floor in burj khalifa, because you need to use MaybellineNY products on your face and Beyonce collection on your body, because you want to stop window shopping and buy that lace peplum dress from marks and spencer, because you want to buy that Grey suit from Brooks brothers and because you wanna wear Rolex watches.

Study, because diamonds will look better on you, than gold.

Study because you want your wedding to be the best wedding you’ve ever attended.

Study, because you’ve already planned 2 or 3 honeymoons around the world.

Study, because you wanna travel around the world, with the love of your life, in Emirates Business Class.

Study, because you have your own dreams. They may not be this expensive, but still you have your own dreams. Therefore,

Study because you dont wanna be sad in the end, that you could have done better.

-Amaaya Suraweera-