The Essence of Being Ok

So, March 23rd was the 175th anniversary of the word ‘Ok’. For such a small word, I can think of no other that provides such a powerful essence. There are numerous explanations for its origin; Democratic election of 1840 introduced Martin Van Buren as Old Kinderhook, Greek phrase ola kala, Haitian port Aux Cayes, Louisiana phrase au quai…

Regardless of the history of ‘ok’, it is the power that evokes from these two letters that keeps me spellbound. When there is an accident, the first thing we ask is if everyone is ok. When we hear from our child off at college, the first thing we want to know is if everything is ok. When we talk to an elderly parent, our first thoughts are to find out if they’re ok.

Being ok is much more than acceptance. It somehow means that deep down, at the core of our soul, we are at peace and we have an inner knowingness. To tell ourselves that everything is going to be ok, is to share in the optimism of life.

Don’t worry, it’s all going to be ok.


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