“SVGILOPH!!!” That’s how you say “hey” in ….

A walk through Old Town and the Edinburgh Castle

Standing by The Waters of Leith

I love languages. In Seattle I heard a lot. I could maybe recognize and name 95%… Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Amharic, Somali. Sometimes I got them confused, especially the last two.

In Edinburgh I hear different languages. Many of them I can’t identify. Edinburgh has drawn people from all over Europe but the most common languages I’ve heard and identified in my first week are Spanish and Polish. But there’s tons of others I hear everywhere. Some of them I can identify (French…), some of them I can’t (Italian…). Walking down the crowded, freezing streets, drinking tea in a cafe overlooking the Princes Street Gardens, or buying a grab-and-go dinner at the Tesco grocery store before heading back to the hotel we’re temporarily calling home, I’m always wondering, “what language is that?”

There’s one language in particular I hear ALL THE TIME but can never identify. When I first hear it it sounds almost Slavic but it surprises me. I sat down next to a woman on the bus yesterday who was talking on the phone. I would’ve sworn she was speaking a Slavic language. We passed a bus stop or two. I heard her say a word in English. (I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop! But I started paying attention.) I gradually started understanding more of the woman’s conversation… I second guessed everything I thought I knew when I realized she was speaking English!

Last night while I was reading before bed I read a page out loud in my best Scottish accent… it was very fun but not realistic. I’ve got a long way to go!

Calton Hill… right before I bought gloves and it started snowing ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Calton Hill was the sight of public executions in the 1600s.