Earlier this year, Envoy unveiled a refreshed logo, as part of a larger repositioning effort. Today, we’re here to walk through its change and the reasons behind it.

Starting at the beginning

Our logo mark takes its inspiration from an abstracted visitor’s badge. Various designers have iterated upon it over time, but the concept has been consistent. Although now we have products beyond the front desk, its equity and recognition remain, paying homage to our roots — visitor registration.

Two months ago, we unveiled the foundation of our new brand at Envoy. This was intentionally timed with the launch of our workplace platform and we’ve since continued to roll out this refresh. Here’s why we needed to evolve and what that process looked like from a design perspective.

The need for a repositioning

Most people recognize Envoy for visitor registration. While this was our sole identity from our founding, in late 2017 we released our second product, Deliveries. Despite its success, we were still known as “that iPad sign-in company.” Not only was that particular nomenclature vague, but the Visitors product was just a…

A personal tale with practical tips

You don’t want to look at anything I draw. Trust me. And rightly so — my abilities are just a step above stick figures. But when I was a design intern my senior year in college, my agency was in a pinch: we needed some vector illustrations fast and didn’t have anyone available to make them. Determined to prove myself, I volunteered to give it a shot. (Yes, the girl who can’t draw.) It soon became clear that the process was not actually as difficult as it externally appeared. …

If you’re like us, you love a good tutorial video but don’t always have an hour to spend in the middle of a busy week. That’s why we’re kicking off a video series sharing short clips to learn tricks fast.

To start us off, see how to prepare an icon file for pixel perfection in just five minutes:

P.S. There’s a bit more that goes in to proper icon exports… maybe that’ll be the next video. 😉

We’ll be sharing more as we continue learning on envoy.design/videos. Curious about something in particular? Shoot us a note and let us know what you’d like to see.

As you may have noticed, ReadMe uses a lot of icons! They’re helpful to succinctly visually inform and also just to make things more fun to look at.

While right now we don’t create every single one of the icons, sometimes we have a specific idea or style in mind (like those above) and existing ones just don’t fit the bill. A lot of icon creation comes down to aesthetics, but there’s so much more to it than that. Here’s a mini behind-the-scenes look into a technical part of the process: pixel-perfection.

Get your grid on

The key aspect of iconography that we’re referring…

Amy Devereux

Visual designer

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