I need to make a decision about my career and life.

I already did make a decision. I chose the safety of Aspen. It won’t be a bad choice, exactly, because it will be a good place to learn. But what I really want is to learn…in Washington state. Not Missouri. But the people in Washington replied to me too late, and I had to make a decision, and I chose the grown-up, responsible one. And now it will be at least another year before I am in the mountains.

People say you should only stick with a place like Aspen for so long, maybe 2 years, tops, before moving on…to private practice, that’s always the assumed end-goal. Private practice, the magical land where you make more money and don’t have to deal with the frustrations of Medicaid patients and you get to do the things you “really want” to do, the things that matter?, like veneers, implants, invisalign, lots of cosmetic prosth work from people who can really afford it.

People say a place like Aspen is worse because you’re not making your full potential. They steal too much money away from you. They have the control over you.

All I want is time.

I want to ease back in to dentistry. I want to learn a lot, improve my confidence on all surgical extractions, and do everything faster and more efficiently while maintaining high quality work.

But then, I want to be in the mountains. I want to pursue other interests, other ways of adding value to the world. I want a little house and and a big dog. Oceans to my left, and mountains to my right, with new adventures as far as eyes can see. I want space to toss around big and little ideas with Drew.

All I want is time.


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