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By Amy Wu and Jeremy Liew

Every year there are 1–2 hit indie games that break out of the typical “big-publisher sequel” mold. In the last couple years, breakouts were Valheim, Among Us and Fall Guys. In 2021, there was Splitgate.

Splitgate has taken the gaming world by storm since launching its beta on consoles last month. It’s a F2P AAA competitive arena shooter commonly described as “Halo Meets Portal”. The fast gameplay is reminiscent of Unreal Tournament, one of my favorite games growing up. A beginner player can have fun shooting opponents right away, but as they learn how…

The Founders of OffChain Labs, Ed Felten, Steven Goldfeder, Harry Kalodner.

By Amy Wu and Ravi Mhatre

Today, Offchain Labs made history in decentralized finance as the first layer 2 scalability solution on Ethereum to go live publicly on mainnet with over 400 application partners, including SushiSwap, Uniswap, AAVE, and others. We are also excited to announce that Lightspeed is leading the $100M Series B round in the company.

We first met co-founders Steven Goldfeder, Ed Felten, and Harry Kalodner earlier this year and learned how they founded the company at Princeton University. Ethereum’s dominant popularity among developers and DeFi users was causing sky-high gas fees per transaction and slow transaction…

Indie developers are the future of gaming

Players today are looking for fun, new experiences to share with friends. Fun no longer needs to mean expensive to develop. Famously, Stardew Valley, a mobile RPG that sold over 10M copies, was created by one developer. Valheim, a survival game with over 5M copies sold since Feb 2021, was created by five developers. Hidden Leaf is an indie developer building the next great breakthrough title.

Today, Hidden Leaf announced their first round of funding and Lightspeed is proud to lead.

People who know me know how much I love gaming. I grew up playing Diablo, Counterstrike, and Left 4…

From OkCredit, a look at their very first user.

Announcing our Lightspeed India and Lightspeed US Series B investment in OkCredit

Lightspeed has long believed that India is extremely diverse, and building a successful company in this market involves going deep into the smallest of segments and into specific markets to understand user motivation, monetization and value creation.

For instance, Oyo Rooms is targeting various segments of users under “affordable hotel accommodation” with its multi-form strategy (townhouse, homestays, managed hotels). Sharechat works day-in, day-out on personalization to ensure that users’ feeds are unique to their preferences. PocketFM, a player in the audio content space, deeply understands how user behavior differs not just by age group, but by state and city.


Amy Wu

Investor at Lightspeed Venture Partners. Former SVP @Discovery and @NewsCred. Climbs mountains

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