They are just as toxic as overt narcissists but harder to spot.

Narciso (1890) di Jules-Cyrille Cavé

I’m telling you this because I want to spare you some unnecessary pain, confusion and manipulation. Covert narcissists infiltrate your mind. Here are some ways to untangle and free yourself.

Just for the record, we all have a degree of healthy narcissism.

It’s a necessary dose of self-involvement which keeps us aware of our physical, emotional and mental condition. Sometimes our own…

7 Ways Clinicians Miss the Mark and Their Patients Pay the Price

When I was training to be a Gestalt psychotherapist, we covered ethics, empathy, transference and counter-transference, the field and contact boundary, presence, the impasse, Gestalt cycles, and much more, but many things are learned through experience, not education. That’s inevitable.

This piece is about sharing some of my hard-earned wisdom…

A God-given Message came to me about 15 years ago: “You are thinning away like the heel of a threadbare sock.”

I immediately understood this Message and knew it to be true, although it wasn’t easy to explain to someone else. Now feels like the right time to share how I came to be thinning away, and how you can do so, too.

It started with my anguish that my first…

You decide, but I warn you: you may get sucked in with me.

Don’t expect this article to make sense. Once the obsession with God has taken hold, knowing “why” does not matter. I often say, “Why is a whyld goose chase.” The ego is whyly. Wily means skilled at gaining an advantage, especially deceitfully. Therefore, the ego loves to distract us with…

What to do when life feels nightmarish

The Nightmare by John Henry Fuseli, 1781 (

From an untimely fart to an untimely death, a worst moment ranges from humiliating to devastating.

What makes a “worst moment”?

We’ve all had them. Young or old, a worst moment takes center stage in your life, while it’s happening. If you’re lucky, they are humorous to look back on. …

3 Steps to Facing Your Flaws and Righting Your Wrongs

Feeling guilty doesn’t help the one you hurt.

Feeling guilty doesn’t make you a better person.

Feeling guilty doesn’t benefit society-at-large.

Feeling guilty may show that you have a conscience, but it won’t clear your conscience. That takes self-reflection and right-action. Uncovering your motivations will take some self-investigation.

Unless you’re…

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