For instance, “I’m nervous about having a panic attack.”
This Simple Journaling Exercise Can Help Heal Your Anxiety
Benjamin Foley

Fear is a bully. I have found it highly effective to state aloud and/or write in a journal, “I am willing to feel the fear, anxiety, even panic.” Then describe the sensations in the body, e.g., “I feel light-headed, my hands are trembling, it’s difficult to get a full inhale, my stomach is queasy.” This direct expression of fear dilutes the fear.

You can continue, “The light-headedness is anxiety. I’ve felt it before. It’s just anxiety. I’ve never blacked out from it. It’s just a sensation.” This is a reality check. It keeps you in the present moment, where you have control.

Anxiety thrives when you let your thoughts race into an imaginary catastrophic future. Rein your thoughts in by facing each symptom, here and now. Again, for example, “My hands are trembling. The body pumps adrenaline when afraid. The trembling will stop soon. I’m going to drink water now.” Drinking water helps balance your body chemistry.

Saying you feel afraid out loud, and writing it down, takes the steam out of fear. Noticing that you’ve had these symptoms before reduces the impact of the symptoms. Stamping your feet helps ground you and keep you anchored in the present moment. The psychological threat cannot sustain itself in the present moment if you don’t get swept up in it. Fear thrives on bullying you into believing in a terrible future outcome. You gotta stand up to a bully.