You’re Invited to The Only Meaningful Conversation

An exploration of the Unseen. Feel your brain fry in your head, your gut quake in the pit of your stomach, and the surface of your skin dissolve and merge with all the other roaming molecules. Now we’re talkin’.

I started a whole new phase of my entrepreneurial journey last October. Almost a year ago. The baby has finally arrived. Yay! It’s a vlog-cast.

It would mean the world to me if you follow my new Medium publication, The Only Meaningful Conversation, a video series (soon to be a podcast — I’m working with Pat Flynn on that now).

You can watch me make all my awkward beginner’s mistakes (but the content will be great no matter what).

You’ll get to say you were in on it since the beginning.

And you’ll be with me as The Only Meaningful Conversation takes on a life of its own: way bigger than both of us. I’m so certain of this, there is no need for exclamation points.

My illustrious guests so far include Mooji, Rupert Spira, Vera de Chalambert and Nalini MacNab, among other mystics, sages, physicians, and educators. The conversations are about spiritual awakening, life purpose, metaphysics, self-discovery, miracles and much more.

I’m pulling together a Patreon account, but in the meantime, if you feel moved to contribute to this endeavor, you can donate here. There are countless operating expenses that need to be covered. Funds go to web support, video production, equipment, software, tech support, publishing expenses, office supplies and so much more. Any amount is much appreciated! That deserves an exclamation point.

Heartfelt thanks~ Amy