For so many years and even today, most of the content creators and bloggers are only relying on display advertisement. I think this is no more a perfect solution for monetization purpose.

You may have seen that with Adsense or any other similar ad network, only 2$ - 3$ is the average revenue generated per 1000 visits, that's not what we want, do you really think this is worth it?

There are many factors that are affecting monetization earnings over the years. I have mentioned some of them that I am facing currently.

1. Usage of ad-blockers is increased

In 2021, we can already see there are so many people who have started using ad-blockers. …

I don’t know exactly what to call this thing, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, some other mental illnesses. The real thing is that it is very bad, very very bad… let us consider it as depression because I am not that wise person.

Depression — A little about My story

Depression is kind of a mysterious thing. We simply think that it is just thinking and thinking, and then overthinking, or just feeling bad/low, but these are not the case.

Overthinking, when our mind realises and understands too many things around us, the chances of getting into depression with high-intensity panic attacks are more.

There is still no exact answer to why depression occurs, because there are several factors. But do you know what I think, I still think there are so many things left inside our body unexplained. I know, Science is progressing day by day but still they will never understand life fully and several things will remain a mystery. …

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Adsense program is a product of Google, started in 2003. It has a simple solution for monetization (to make money) by displaying advertisements, whether you are a webmaster or running a YouTube channel, anyone is able to participate in this program.

Adsense is only the best and most trusted platform to earn money online. You know we can not correlate it with other ad networks because Adsense has its own place in the market and most of the webmasters are using it.

Today, getting into this program is difficult and a site has to meet lots of rules in order to get eligibility. …

Disqus is one of the most used comment systems on the web. There are several benefits of using it.

Disqus is also an alternative to the native comment system of several CMS. This widget is currently used by lots of webmasters.

Publishers and bloggers who are already using Disqus comments on their website or blog may have tired of Disqus branding. Disqus comment system is one of the widely used commenting platforms and here is a little trick to make it more professional.

We all know that most of the free stuff online comes with something that promotes them. However, the elimination of additional branding is very difficult, but here you can find our 100% working method. …

Blogger is a free platform where you can easily start a blog within a few minutes. Hosting and domain are not required.

Google Bloggers
Google Bloggers

Many of us would be well familiar with this platform, anyone can share their thoughts with the world and build trust with other people.

Google acquired Blogger in the year 2003, since then, thousands of publishers and small webmasters using this free platform.

The main reason that many publishers are still using Blogger because it is 100% free & safe. …

Girl thinking
Girl thinking

Hello everyone, this is amy, a final year student of pharmacy. I am currently living in India.

Now, I think, I should leave my studies because it feels like a trap. I can’t do anything else that I love. On the other hand, I don’t know, if I do this what will happen to my future and what I am gonna do for a living? These types of overthinking trapped me and I can’t find a way to get out of this. Actually, this was my fault.

I have studied all my life but this college is really depressing, no fun, no support. …

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Advertisements provide publishers a solution to monetize their site. Digitally, there is no monetization provider like Google Adsense, thousands of publishers are making money with Adsense.

Many of us are still struggling to monetize a site but the truth is that most of the webmasters couldn't even recover the cost of hosting and custom domain.

From time to time, getting AdSense approval is hard. Many small publishers don’t have any chance, even I was got disapproved several times. The reason is that now we need to focus on many factors that were once not important.

This guide won't work for all publishers because every site is different. …

This is my one of the honest reviews ever. And this time we gonna talk about an ad testing platform for publishers. It serves ads similar to Adsense but has additional capabilities that increase overall site revenue.

What is Ezoic and How it Boosts Advertising Revenue?

Back in days, we have to do lots of experiments with AdSense and other ad networks to optimize revenue. After this, AdSense also released its new unit called auto ads and it works automatically and every visitor sees different ad combinations.

Although, ezoic is a little bit different and they have several types of possibilities and features that can skyrocket ad earnings. …


A website needs to be fast loading and responsive. As we are now using the internet more and more, where the audience likes speed. Even minor mistakes interrupt the visitor's satisfaction and they may leave your site shortly.

There are millions of people and not all of them have a fast internet connection, now you may be thinking that what I have to do with this situation, the answer is tweaking your site to help visitors. Increasing site speed can give lots of benefits over a non-optimized site.

However many experts already published their point of view and also showed how big companies manage their webpages to load faster. And small publishers can do this work too by using some little methods. …

We all know that Google's Adsense program is the most successful and trusted way for Monetization. Currently, most of the content creators are using this program to get paid by displaying CPC advertisements.

As of 2021, no other ad network pays as much as Adsense, this makes it one of the highest paying ad network of all time.

Google introduced its matched content unit for limited publishers, okay yes, it's true and there are some requirements and publishers can enjoy more revenue and engagement.

Currently, this ad unit is not available for small Adsense publishers because it requires hundreds of quality posts (Possibly 100 to 150+ articles or a large content website). …


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