Nancy Pelosi, Blasphemer in Chief!

There was a time in America,an admirable time,when the Democratic Party stood for something better. As legions of poor immigrants toiled alongside their children in mines and factories in conditions we cannot fathom today, they organized labor unions and demanded that the nation live up to it’s claim of decency. They strategised to change unjust laws, a stain on our history and stung the nation’s conscience to remember it’s claims.They marched.They preached.They sang.They moved mountains.

No more.

Yesterday,Nancy Pelosi made what must be called the most politically and morally grotesque speech the floor of Congress ever heard in modernity. To quote Jim Comey, it made me mildly nauseous. In it she pontificates from her perch of unprecedented super-wealth procured during decades of government “service”, that it is an “act of mercy” to continue Obamacare.

Blasphemy! She equates extortion with alms-giving!

It has never in our tradition been the explicit domain of government oligarchs to carry out the Corporal Works of Mercy.

They are:

(1) Feed the hungry.
(2) Give drink to the thirsty.
(3) Clothe the naked.
(4) Shelter the homeless.
(5) Visit those in prison.
(6) Comfort the sick.
(7) Bury the dead

These are the PERSONAL obligations of the faithful.To hold hostage one’s neighbor to fulfill one’s own obligation is a gross distortion of the Christian mandate to care for othets. It is so easy to point an indignant finger towards others and feign concern about their lack of moral prowess. This age old behavior is called HYPOCRISY. It’s practitioners,HYPOCRITES.

So what’s next,Nancy? Are your Wall Street friends poised now to capture the funeral economy ? Coffins and tombstones are yet to be designated as entitlements. Somehow the rhetoric fits nicely with your agenda of death panels for the elderly. Cradle to grave “coverage” is just around the corner and oh how filthy rich it has made you.

Our greatest hospitals have ever been the projects of Churches and Synagogues as has the care for the blind,the deaf,the disabled,the hungry,the homeless. We are a nation of proactive charity. Short of being despoiled by government of every resource and employ, local communities across America are really good at caring for their own.Soup kitchens are our specialty. We are great because we are good.When was the last time anyone at the DNC worked in a shelter,a thrift shop,a soup kitchen? It is a revolting perversion of the word “Mercy” to redefine it as Socialism-..a new blasphemy unprecedented in modern times. Even Soviet Communists did not assert a special prerogative from God. Socialism has never,ever shown itself to be anything but the destroyer of prosperity and initiative. It is materialist and anti-God in it’s form and function.It is a recipe for inequality and starvation concocted by a greedy,murderous thieving elite.It’s only legacy is death and destruction.

For Nancy Pelosi and her comrades to posture as icons of divine charity is obscene. A breach of our Establishment Clause, Democratic legislation self styled as “acts of worship” has no place in the halls of Congress. It must be censored.

There is a housing crisis in Washington DC where women and children are living in apartments unfit for human habitation,left to the greedy cruelty of slum lords in Philadelphia.Our National Monuments are crumbling and unkempt, accumulating dirt and grime as our “people’s spaces” built for the enjoyment of regular Americans,are neglected.This trumpets corruption and sends a message to observing nations that our government is not to be taken too seriously.

There are too many homeless people sleeping on the streets of the city of Congress. The few city shelters lack money for repairs and maintenance.The Pelosis live in Washington DC.Could they not spare a few million of their billions to house fellow Americans suffering in their own town? They probably live in Kalorama and travel in limos so the very existence of the deplorable poor would be an unbearable shock. Or would it even be?

As Hillary Clinton’s shattered campaign consults it’s divines in Ouija Boards and Spirit Cooking, Pelosi & Co. continue to prescribe liberation theology to the working people of our nation who,huddling nervously around kitchen hearths, decide whether to buy less food or pay Obamacare premiums. They are the new huddled masses,scattered across the prairie lands and cities of a once hopeful space-…lately become ghost towns of shattered memories and dashed dreams. No Hillary,you are not the only one whose”shattered” moments matter.

Meanwhile ,we can always count on Oligarch Soros to peddle genitalia on heads and call it progress. So cute. So edgy. So adventurous.So triumphalist.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party elites seem to excel at turning anything sacred into the profane. Forcing the new huddled masses to abide by their sham religion of oligarchy and fakeness as they celebrate their inherent divinity.No wonder she is always so giddy as if high on laughing gas. It’s fun to be that rich and fabulous.

It is not hard to imagine their private conversation.

“Have they not bread? Let us give them cake,so delicious to our Wall Street friends and our hedge funds.Have they objection to our cake?Let us have more televised celebrations staged to the max to highlight our superior character and our mutually exulted magnificence. Let us become drunk with the blood of the children of Milwaukee and Chicago.Let us kidnap them into sex slavery to secure our superiority with blackmail.Let us usurp every rule of common decency and call it love! Let us berate the values of working people and accuse them of un-charity. Let us bully into silence with our carrots and sticks any voice that contends with our supreme ownership of life. Let us share our ill gotten gains with our children’s children yet unborn whom we have delivered into unassailable supremacy. Let us remain ignorant of the laws of transparency and the true spirit of liberty that no more abides unconquerable in the soul of this people. Let us fashion focus groups to sculpt a new reality according to our obscene greed.Let us gather data to reassure ourselves that what we speak is in fact the ultimate new creation. And let us never believe for a moment that we are not God.”

Well, the proud greedy will wax stupid and drown in their own filth. They always do.The world has now a catching fire of freedom which was sparked here in between our shores.That smoldering wick,here en-kindled,shall never go out.Not ever.