Kyle Valery: Renowned Personal Trainer Launches Premier Fitness Application

Amy Williams
May 21 · 2 min read

Eternal Fitness beginning this summer to help you accomplish all your fitness goals.

Kyle Valery, veteran personal trainer and multi-business owner, has a lot to say for himself. Sporting 15 years of experience and hundreds of clients served, the Texas-native San Diego-raised man knows no bounds to the success he can achieve in this industry.

From humble beginnings at a 24-Hour Fitness to opening up a variety of gyms, to starting two businesses, Valery knows the ins and outs of the personal training industry. Over the years, Kyle watched as the industry changed right before him into the oversaturated and heavily publicized market we know it as today. Because of this, he knew he had to do something bigger and better than your everyday trainer.

Enter: The Active Executive and Eternal Fitness, Valery’s two newest businesses. The former is Valery’s brand and services, and the latter is a mobile application that helps his clients track their progress and keep up with their routines. These programs work together to bring health and wellness to many companies in the San Diego area, namely the breakfast food giant, Kashi. Employers typically hire Valery to come to their facilities to help their employees improve their diet, provide manual therapy, and promote overall health.

Active Executive focuses on corporate wellness where he comes to offices in order to perform bodywork on employees. He believes that his work boosts motivation as well as productivity immensely.

Eternal Fitness is an on-the-go solution to all things home workout. Kyle’s app provides you with personalized nutrition plans and workouts for you that fits with your schedule.

Kyle hopes that in due time his name will be a staple to corporate health and wellness for the entire city of San Diego. His 15 years of expertise and service make him more than eligible candidate for medium-to-large size companies looking to spark a culture of health and prosperity in their workplace.

About Kyle Valery: Kyle Valery is a San Diego-based business owner and personal trainer. His current projects, The Active Executive and Eternal Fitness, work in unison to help companies develop and promote wellness and health in their employees. Through his various programs, Valery is able to generate a culture that has proven to increase happiness and productivity within the workplace.

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