If you follow me on Pinterest, you may get the vibe that I’m somewhat of an addict. But when it’s chalked full of inspiring quotes like these, how can I resist? I’d like to argue that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being an avid pinner. Whatever keeps you motivated and inspired! So don’t you worry, more ‘DULY NOTED’ posts are in your future.

This quote. It’s so simple. It’s so full of truth. It’s a good reminder for all of us! How often do we compare ourselves to somebody else? You thought you had on a stellar outfit today, until you got to work and fashion model Mindy looks 10x more fab than you do. Or so you think. That’s just a small example. Really, it gets so much worse. Right down to our very own wealth, family, physique, attributes, values, etc. Most days we are at war with ourselves. And with all that negativity you’re feeding your mind, it’s obvious whose going to win the battle.

So how do we stop the war?

Simply, with love.

Yeah, that may be a cheesy answer. But when you love yourself, your life, even what you have, nothing can bring you down. Nothing or no one will make you feel jealous, envious, or of lesser value or importance. When you look at others, it’ll be more of a motivation, an inspiration, to continue refining yourself. No more feeling degraded!

So lets not compare ourselves to others. I can promise you a lifetime of joy and happiness if you don’t. Know who you are. Know who you aren’t. And then love yourself for it anyway.

Xo, Ames

Originally published at www.theinspiredme.org on January 4, 2016.