Habits: We either have good ones or bad ones. And we all know how extremely difficult it can be to break some of our nasty habits. It can be hard to change our force of nature. Likewise, it can be just as difficult to built good habits. Healthy habits, as we’d like to call them. But together, we are going to try. We’ll be focusing on more healthy habits in the future, but today we want to zero in on the importance of compliments. We want complimenting others to become natural, an instinct, a necessary part of who we all are.

Camilla E. Kimball stated, “Never suppress a generous thought.” Yet, we probably all have. Whether it be a friend, family member, or stranger, we must have come across a thought at some point that said, “those are some really cute shoes.” Or, “man, her hair is perfect.” But most of the time those thoughts never leave our mind. They are never expressed. But why? Are we too nervous to speak up? Are we afraid of feeling judged? Are we insecure? Are we envious? Do we not want to put others above ourselves? Is it a mix of all of the above?

Well, all of that ends starting now! I am pledging, and inviting you to pledge with me, to never suppress a generous thought. To always speak our mind. To uplift, encourage, and compliment others at every opportunity we are given.

I have been working harder at giving out more genuine compliments. And I know now, first hand, that doing so doesn’t make you feel any less, or feel like you have any less. It won’t make you look like the weirdo stranger either. Doing so actually makes you feel better about YOURSELF. It makes you feel kind, important, needed. It gives you this extra strength and feeling like you are well on your way towards perfection! It brightens others day, as well as your own.

The world WILL be a better place when everyone is seeking to magnify the strengths of others, not destroy them by emphasizing their weaknesses.

So may we all give out our compliments freely. May we all NEVER suppress a generous thought. And with that, accept those that are given to us as well. “Sometimes we underestimate ourselves so much, that when people compliment us, we can never believe them.” -Author Unknown

Support others. Make them feel great. And in turn, you will be better. You will shine brighter.

Xo, Ames

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