You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Well sorry…but that was a whole bunch of silliness. It lays the hard working women who took care of their homes and their families all those generations ago under the foot of today’s feminist ego. Women who felt what they did mattered…their families who held them in regard…all for naught because today’s feminist said they didn’t really matter. And what woman was gassed in this country for our rights? So much silliness. And I, personally, do find today’s feminism anything but concerned for the rights of women…its nothing more then political crap with no real concern about the lives that women actually live. I didn’t read the whole article because I find this kind of blathering boring and just a load of sh*t…for want of a better word, I guess. But I did note the use of margaret sangers name as some kind of woman’s advocate. I suggest you do some actually reading of what she said and wrote herself…before she doned her holier then thou cap to bullsh*t the mass of lunatics who abscounded with the true movement for feminism…when she advocated and helped institute the forced sterilization of poor and infirm women, free and frequent abortion for women of color, euthanasia of mentally handicapped children and adults…also those terminally ill…and emasculation of men however whenever possible. Yeah she was a real peach. It amazes me how little those who claim some kind of intellectual superiority actually know about history or the simple truth of things…and constantly try to sell the world a whole lot of apathetic ugliness unless others lockstep with their over-prized vagina’s. Get over yourselves already…this world is full of people in need of simple things in life. No one wants to take away your rights, rights that very few women in other places have yet you don’t even appreciate. I know this is going to shock you, but you’re just not more important than everyone else.

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