Amy Yang for 2020 Treasurer 17–18

Amy Yang
Amy Yang
Mar 21, 2017 · 5 min read

Before I start, here’s a little bit about myself:

~I’m a SOPHOMORE, and I go to Lynbrook High School. (that’s basically a given)

~I have OCD, which basically means I’m a perfectionist.

~I’m super organized and work super hard to get every detail right. :)

~ Normally, I spend my free time either reading, dancing, doing art or socializing.

Now jumping right in…

Hey, what DOES a Treasurer do?

Most people say that you shouldn’t just define what your position is, and that you should immediately lay out all your ideas and get them to be concrete and legit. I see otherwise. I have realized that most of the people in our class don’t even know who the officers are, much less what they do. I figured I would do some clarification.

NOW, before I tell you what the position of Treasurer does, let me guess what you’re all thinking. Treasurer equals treasure, by pronunciation, and therefore by transitive property, it means money. I know this sounds like math, and I know what you’re all thinking, again. I mean, who wants to be using math to the extent of brainstorming role possibilities of a position? However, people who used this method are partially correct, if not completely.

Class treasurer keeps track of money in general. We keep track of how much money we spend, how much we need, and how much we’ve received.

Now, what makes me qualified?

I’ve never been in class office or in any student council in my past years as a student. Most people tend to confuse the word “position” with “experience”. You could have been part of leadership or the leadership class for years. But if you don’t do something significant and meaningful during those years, what is the point of telling everyone? The number of positions you’ve held in the past, don’t necessarily define what you will and can do in the future.

I have a genuine passion for serving this school. I have never spent so much time and dedication to school events that I even surprised myself. Ideas is something that I will not lack, and neither is school pride. The most important thing is, I genuinely care about our class, and sacrificing things like time and sleep will be all worth it to me in the end.

What I plan to do

Keeping track of all these things calls for organized, something I’ve already got in the shopping bag.

Google has great resources, and I plan to use them. One quality that I definitely won’t hold back is my organization. I am literally OBSESSED with getting all the small details right, and Google Sheets is a perfect place to perform all that. This would be a great place to keep track of funds and expenses for homecoming and rally events, not to mention powderpuff and fundraisers.

Let’s address a few issues (actually I’m just going to put the major one)

#1 in line is definitely class spirit.

It makes sense for freshman to be not as involved or informed of high school events as many upperclassmen are. Even so, let’s be real here: we aren’t going to be freshman forever. And now, we’re sophomores. It’s time to STEP UP OUR GAME!

A common word used to address this problem is “transparency”. I’ve never really understood the meaning of this word, and it seems quite overused, so I like to call it “class awareness & participation”.

Class Awareness and Participation

Most of you may not know this, but we have a day of rally prep the day before the rally. Most of the time, only 20–30 people show up and half of them stay the entire time, which has evidently not been quite enough people. Many students have told me that they didn’t know when the rally prep was, where it would be, or even what is done during that time. I’d like to raise the importance of this prep event and the event itself by informing students not only through our facebook page, but in other social media and in real life as well.

Let’s end with a happier subject: Homecoming!

Homecoming is one of the best weeks of the entire year. Months of work before the event is brought out, and the end result is absolutely unbelievable. I experienced this process first hand, and I can tell you that it’s more than just sitting on a driveway painting boxes and backdrops every afternoon. So much bonding and unreplicatable inside jokes between fellow classmates are made during this time, and I’d like more people in our class to experience this.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to hmu on facebook: @Amy Yang, instagram dm @harmony_amyyang or gmail: (I made it in 6th grade okay don’t judge). :)