Note: This design challenge was done for Airbnb’s 2018 Creative Technologist Intern application.

What is the worst part of designing a product that you aren’t going to build? Identify one opportunity in the design workflow that could be better.

To get started, I interviewed 6 designers and 5 engineers at Uber:

I asked designers: What do you find troublesome during your design process? What are some steps that are frustrating but necessary? What tools do you wish you have? Have you work with engineers? Have you ever coded your design?

I asked engineers: Have you ever closely worked with designers…

Note: This redesign was done for KPCB’s 2018 Design Fellows application.

Redesign a feature of a KPCB company’s product.

As a current design intern on Uber’s innovation team, I spent most of my time indulging myself in the world of crazy ideas and transforming them onto actual design. My two recent stories in San Francisco sparked a fun feature idea.

Two weeks ago at around 10pm, I got off from the wrong Uber. Alone and scared in the middle of nowhere, I immediately requested another uberPOOL. …

Amy Jin

Product Design Intern @ Uber | KPCB Design Fellow 2018. I like chocolate, hot weather and golf.

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