Let’s finish 2020 on a high note.

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I make yearly goals, and I take it seriously. I’d had everything planned, with some big life decisions in the making, before the virus halted most of it. I had no choice but to accept it and switch to short-term commitments, which I described in the article about how I became a better version of myself during the lockdown.

A few weeks ago, I opened my bullet journal and did a quarterly checkup on my annual “to do” list. I’ve created a shortlist of small goals to achieve to step into 2021 with peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment.

You can, too.

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Do you know how much more time I have now that I don’t need to go places that often? I gained an hour daily just by ditching commuting in favor of remote work. I gained hours on weekends by not going to bars, restaurants, and shopping malls regularly. This makes me so happy and excited. Finally, I can do nothing (what a blessing!) …

The Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you? Try this alternative method.


Anna Rosiak

English teacher, tutor and freelance translator. Foreign languages enthusiast.

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