The Story of Annotable

Annotable is the ultimate iOS annotation tool. For myself it replaces this folder of apps:

These are all good apps. But the features I use are scattered among them. I don’t want to think about which to open when I want to annotate something, or even worse to jump through several apps to achieve the final result. I want a single unified app with all these features plus some other features that are not available in any of them. That’s why I made Annotable.

The canvas design is similar to Skitch for my own habit and familiarity to others, with some extensions. Skitch is my most used annotation app before. I believe it is also the most popular annotation app. Its death is another incentive for me to build Annotable.


  • Common tools: shapes, arrows, lines, and texts.
  • 8 colors, 3 sizes, 3 border widths.
  • Blur & 3 styles × 3 granularities of pixelations.
  • 2 shapes of highlights.
  • Loupes with 2 operation modes.
  • Texts with arrows & text marking.


  • Unlike Skitch or OneShot, all the results are HD images.
  • Unlike Pinpoint or OneShot, not only screenshots but all images are supported.
  • Unlike Annotate, large images can be directly annotated and do not have to be cropped.
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