Assign a keyboard shortcut to open a new browser window on macOS

If you’re like me — someone who likes to manage different tasks on different windows and spaces instead of opening 50 tabs on the same window until the tabs get so tiny that you can't even see the favicon 🤮. You might find it a pain, sometimes, to open a new window in Chrome or any browser that you prefer. First, you have to switch to Chrome / *your browser* application using your Application Switcher,(⌘ + Tab). Then, open a new window (⌘ + N). I know there are other ways to do this, such as with the dock, etc…

Learn about AppleScript functions, actual and formal parameters, and NSAppleEventDescriptor — The holy grail.

Okay, so in part 1 I only had to pass variables from Swift to AppleScript, but I didn’t have to edit the variables. Well, I thought that the variables are editable once passed into AppleScript. I thought wrong. 😓

So, here’s what happens when you pass Swift or Objective-C variables (Int, NSInteger, String, NSString, blah blah) to AppleScript.

You can pass Swift or Obj-C variables to AppleScript and access them and output them to the console without breaking a sweat, like in part 1. 👍🏼 The problem arises when you want to edit them. Let’s say you’re passing an Int 2 from Swift to AppleScript. AppleScript understands that you’ve passed an Int, but this Int is a Swift data…

So, I wake up one day and I find my desktop all cluttered with files from last year. 😓 I was thinking ‘I wish there was a way to archive all this with the click of a button’ — I was like eh… maybe some AppleScript for the rescue? 🤔 But then again, I despise AppleScript, so after a lil bit of procrastination I started Googling. Enter Automator — AppleScript without the Script. 😍

Without any further adieu, let’s see how to archive like a pro!

  1. Firstly, open Automator, create a Service.

2. Select Folders under Service receives selected and…

As many others, my main source of music (if not only) is Spotify. Recently Spotify removed the Musixmatch® lyrics feature from their desktop applications. Only after this did I realize that I only knew the catchy choruses of songs and would hum the rest of it. For a few days I googled for the lyrics, but that was a drag… So, I took a stroll on the Spotify webpage to check out their APIs. A few Web endpoints, iOS SDK, blah blah blah… Hold up, hold up, hold up! AppleScript API?! I’m no AppleScript expert, I’ve only used it a…

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