How I left a $6,000 month job

I feel free. Free to think, free to travel, free to be who I always wanted to be. I just leaved a $6,000 month job. What for? Fulfillment. Am I totally nuts? Well maybe for some people. I am not a writer, but I decided to share my experience. I am Anthony ROSEMOND, CEO of donkeez app, and this is my story.

Smooth sailing

Have you ever felt of being different? I do. After 4 years experience in a huge french group, I made up one conclusion : Most of people hate their jobs. EDF is an old french group owned at 80% by the government. Well paid, strong insurance, job security. What else it’s paradise ! Yakk. When I talked to employees, they keep criticizing their shitty job. At the mean time, they stay 40 years at the same position. For me it’s insanity. Why staying in something you actually don’t like ?

My usual question to them : “If you don’t like your job, why don’t you quit?” After 5 embarrassing seconds :

“You know I have loans, kids, it’s complicated. If I were young like you I would do it.”

I guess he directly jumped from 28 to 30 years old. I mean, he had my age few years ago and he kept on smooth sailing. Taking strong decisions makes you different. I didn’t say it makes you better, I said different. Kids, loans, houses, horses and whatever are just excuses to not make the big jump. It’s all about choices, not context. And assuming those. If you choose corporate life : Why don’t you be happy about it ? It’s not fatality. The most important is to be coherent between what you think, what you say, and what you do.

Well paid. Sweet dreams. Wake up !

I tried to follow that smooth sailing for 4 years. In 2011 I get a huge job opportunity in the West Indies. After 3 years in the FWI, my wife and I were expatriated to Reunion island, in indian ocean (far far away). $45,000 year bonus + $6,000 month salary, flight tickets for vacation are sweet right ? It was a royal contract. But this corporate life was still killing me. After 1 year in this island, I finally decided to quit.

I am not a regret guy. I believe in experiences, choices, opportunities. These past 4 years were awesome. I knew from the beginning that I would not stay so long. Because this spark inside of me was growing. And my motivation was still falling ! So I took the unique decision that would makes me happier : Leave. My humble advice is simple : Act for your fulfillment. There is no good or bad decisions. There is just decisions. And we got to stay positive about it.

From corporate to startup life

I’m just beginning this brand new life. But I can say that it’s a totally different world. My startup donkeez is the first photo contest app. The app is on App Store. The startup is very young, and I already had strong issues. And I’m sure it will not stop here :D

My former associate/friend tried to ruin me, my developer blackmailed me, Parisian web agency took me over $4,000. Guess what ? I’m so happy about it. I choose this life and I love the problems coming with it. I can tell so far that it will be a long lonely trip. So exciting !

With this small travelling / working experience, I found out that finally, corporate life or startup life, it’s all about the same : Life. Life is about choices that we make, about opportunities that we take. Just make sure to be happy about the decisions you take.

Juicy news

By the time you read this, I would probably left Indian Ocean for Paris. I will stay there 4 months. After that, it will be the USA or South America.

Donkeez app is now available on iPhone :)

I will give news soon. See you guys around. Feel free to comment I will be happy to answer !