Chatbot for Real Estate

The most useful functionality of a chatbot is its ability to “chat” with people, making conversation the critical pillar in the relationship with the user. This conversation can either build the relationship or break the relationship.

And this pertains to Real Estate agencies as well. The real estate industry is by nature a relationship-oriented industry. Agents, brokers, and clients form bonds over the most important and largest consumer transaction that takes place — purchasing or selling a home.

And how can the chatbots help the realtors?

Lead Generation

Chatbots, when programmed with engaging conversation flow, can gather the prospect’s data…

Want to build your own chatbot, but have no idea where to start?

Well, ANA is here to help you with that.

The ANA Conversation Suite contains 4 components:

  1. Platform: Backend API which serves the chat requests. This component is responsible for merging the chat flow template with the chat content and returning the flow when requested by the clients.
  2. Studio: A conversation studio which creates a mind-map like flow with support for multiple languages within the same flow. Supports rich text, emojis, html and media content as the bot’s voice. …

Technology is taking control over our day to day lives like never before, with an end goal to improve our daily tasks and make our lives simple and chatbots take this experience one stride ahead with accessibility and personalization.

What’s more, one specific industry that is by and large hugely affected by chatbots is the HR business.

In the case of procuring, overseeing or drawing in staff, about each HR procedure includes rounding out structures, polls or overviews, and more often than not these tasks have a tendency to get tedious and repetitive. …

Early stage venture-capital (VC) Blume Ventures has recently launched its own chatbot developed by ANA, an open-source chatbot framework.

Blume Ventures is one of India’s leading tech-focused early stage VCs. It has funded few of the most popular start-ups like Ola, Printo, Instamojo, Zopper, and many more.

It has also has invested in series A and B rounds of funding of NowFloats.

It now has its own chatbot deployed on its website with its customized template created by ANA, which is a product of NowFloats.

The chatbot helped Blume Ventures to automate most of their website functions like:

  • Submit your…

ANA’s Open-Source Chatbot Platform can now help you create chatbots for your automobile business.

You can deploy the chatbot on your website or on your company’s Facebook messenger.

And how exactly can chatbots help you?

Generate Leads: Your chatbot can engage with potential visitors looking for cars either on your website on your Facebook feed. You can design your chatbots to serve your potential customers efficiently by asking questions before they walk in, then provide them with information quickly and easily in real-time. …

Acquiring new business or retaining existing customers is a hard task, therefore offering your existing customers an amazing experience, to keep them coming back or for them to refer your product/service is the best way to stand out from your competitors.

And how do you do that? You conduct surveys to know how your product or service is faring amongst your customers. It provides actionable insights to create a better customer experience.

And customers are usually willing to give their feedback; but traditional feedback forms tend to stifle your customers’ ability to speak by presenting them with rigidly structured forms…

A survey conducted by Mindbowser, over a period of three months from November 2016 to January 2017, through questionnaires and interviews revealed E-Commerce to be the industry to benefit the most from chatbots.

Report by Mindbowser

Chatbots provide the most interactive way for a customer to know about the products they’d like to purchase.

Integrating a chatbot with your shopping cart works wonders with your process, successfully replacing your live chat operators.

While imagining a chatbot as an E-Commerce chat representative might look futuristic, ANA brings you this option at your fingertips.

With the ANA Chatbot framework, you can create a chatbot that

It is a sliding gallery of information displayed to the user, usually when you want to provide more information than that which fits your screen.

Like this.

Chatbot For Customer Service

According to a recent report by BI Intelligence, 60% of consumers do not complete an intended purchase due to poor customer service experience.

Convenience has become a key component of customer service which chatbots can provide by initializing basic support.

Here are few ways a chatbot can help you elevate your customer service:

Customer Satisfaction: Customers need 24/7 support, which a chatbot can provide when programmed efficiently.

A chatbot can be seen as a new employee which asks you the relevant questions and replies promptly with the right answers. …

Imagine this, you are looking for a shirt you found last week on a clothing website, and in the process appears an irritating pop-up with a form asking for your name and other details which you have no intention of filling. You are likely to close the form without even blinking.

Rather than possibly annoying the visitor, is there a way we could obtain his details without compromising on the user experience?

Now, look below.


An Open-Source Chatbot Framework

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