What’s best for lead generation? Chatbots or webforms?

Imagine this, you are looking for a shirt you found last week on a clothing website, and in the process appears an irritating pop-up with a form asking for your name and other details which you have no intention of filling. You are likely to close the form without even blinking.

Rather than possibly annoying the visitor, is there a way we could obtain his details without compromising on the user experience?

Now, look below.

This is ANA, a chatbot, if you really didn’t know, which am hoping you did.

ANA seems to have procured the website visitor’s information seamlessly without breaking a sweat.

Are you not intrigued with ANA? Don’t you want to know what else can she do?

That’s what I thought too. Chatbots engage visitors in ways static web forms can’t.

The personality of your chatbot is your brand’s voice looking for potential leads and trying to convert them to frequent visitors.

User Engagement: Chatbots converse in a storytelling flow where information is provided under user’s request. It has a clear call to action to avoid unnecessary distraction thereby captivating the potential lead’s attention and providing better user engagement.

Lead Qualification: Your chatbot can qualify a lead for you by asking the relevant questions regarding your product or service. No more spending time on segregating leads in marketing funnel and all that stuff that marketing and sales people have to do.

But, to successfully implement the above, documentation of all the conversations between the chatbot and the potential leads is required. This would then help in developing customized conversations for the chatbot with different user segments.

You can then follow up with your leads with a breeze.

To know more about ANA or to start building your own chatbots with ANA, click here.