How a Chatbot can benefit your E-Commerce business


A survey conducted by Mindbowser, over a period of three months from November 2016 to January 2017, through questionnaires and interviews revealed E-Commerce to be the industry to benefit the most from chatbots.

Report by Mindbowser

Chatbots provide the most interactive way for a customer to know about the products they’d like to purchase.

Integrating a chatbot with your shopping cart works wonders with your process, successfully replacing your live chat operators.

While imagining a chatbot as an E-Commerce chat representative might look futuristic, ANA brings you this option at your fingertips.

With the ANA Chatbot framework, you can create a chatbot that

  • Shares real time order and shipping updates

Avoids abandonment of shopping carts by sending by reminding customers about their unfinished orders.

  • Provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week, multilingual, and any timezone sales support, thereby eliminating the expenses related to chat operators.
  • When integrated with your customer database, can recommend products to your customers based on their history of buying.
  • Re-engage and retain the existing customers by sending them promotional discounts and offers, which will have to be timely as well as non-intrusive.

While, technologies keep changing as time passes by, 96% of the businesses believe that chatbots are here to stay for long and they aren’t going anywhere soon.

Is your E-Commerce brand looking to build its own chatbot ? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

To know more about ANA or to create your chatbot with ANA, an open-source chatbot framework, click here.


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An Open-Source Chatbot Framework

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