How Chatbots Can Revolutionize HR

Technology is taking control over our day to day lives like never before, with an end goal to improve our daily tasks and make our lives simple and chatbots take this experience one stride ahead with accessibility and personalization.

What’s more, one specific industry that is by and large hugely affected by chatbots is the HR business.

In the case of procuring, overseeing or drawing in staff, about each HR procedure includes rounding out structures, polls or overviews, and more often than not these tasks have a tendency to get tedious and repetitive. This leads to impeded efficiency and loss of time for the HR and here’s where chatbots arrive.

From hiring to on-boarding, here are some ways chatbots can help to automate HR functions:

  • Recruitment: How often have you seen an HR addressing a candidate, asking similar questions?? Also, noting similar answers? One would state, practically consistently. Chatbots can provide quick and customized answers about the job role or the company to the applicants and schedule job interviews too, which thus spares real piece of time of the HR.
Chatbot for HR — Recruitment
  • Employee On-boarding: Employee On-boarding takes up a significant time of the HR, particularly when your organization is expanding rapidly. In such cases, chatbots integrated with your HRM tool can automate HR related tasks, like gathering joining information, providing data in regards with the policies of the organization, FAQ, and so on.
Chatbot for HR — Onboarding
  • Employee Training: You have a new product launched by your company, or you have your product updated are required to educate the employees about the features of the product. What can be a more preferable way than by chatbots? Your chatbots are what you make, and hence these can be programmed to educate your employees in an effective conversational format. This makes the training process more engaging and productive.
Chatbot for HR — Training
  • Employee Satisfaction: Employees are important assets of an organisation and employee satisfaction is critical for employee motivation, employee goal achievement, and positive employee morale in the workplace. Employee satisfaction is often measured by anonymous surveys/feedback forms that are administered periodically to employees. Over time, surveys become redundant and employees cease to respond or respond only with answers that they believe the employer wants to hear. This makes the feedback data useless.

But a chatbot, with its conversational interface acts as a perfect solution to gather real-time feedback from the employees. Employees can share their feedback through chat, rather than forms, which ensures maximum participation and transparency in the feedback. Also, you can keep updating the chatbot questions to keep it relevant.

Chatbot for HR — Employee Survey

These are however, only a few examples of how chatbots can help Human Resources Professionals. With chatbot automation, companies can save significant time and resources, and in turn grow and expand their business effectively.

Chatbots integrated with your Human Resource Management can be tailor-made to drive your company to higher productivity levels.

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