How a new mindset boosted my career

As a typical 25 year old millennial, I was struggling to find my purpose in life. For some reason, I thought this purpose was meant to be found at work, and that brought a lot of pressure that would really not exist otherwise.

At age 25, I had been a waitress, a stenographer, a marketing and communication director and was managing a wellness clinic. While jumping from career to career, always lookin for the next life changing thing, I was earning pretty much the minimum wage, paying my Masters degree and living on my own, but somehow money was the least of my worries. The problem was purpose.

The problem was I was trying to find my purpose at work. And blaming everything when answers did not come. So, instead of carry on living under stress, afraid to fail, running up and down to please whomever, I made a life changing decision. To change my mindset.

This is not something that happens instantaneously… it’s just like a diet, when you are trying to give up on sugar. You have to tell yourself that this whole optimism stuff is for a greater good and that eventually it will pay out.

For a month or two, I have struggled to wake up and convince myself everything would be just fine. To recite all the things I was grateful for when I looked in the mirror in the morning. To see the whole glass, not just half, and take a moment to appreciate what I have conquered and to reassure myself I was going the right way. For an overachiever, OCD, stubborn, I-have-no-one-to-please-but-myself girl, this was painful.

But time went by and with it all the fear. After all, I always managed to readapt when life threw me under the bus. I was creative. I had real world experience. So I jumped.

And the universe saw that. I have changed my career to the IT industry. I was the odd one and didn’t care. I embraced it and started playing the game. All in.

You would be surprised how much the lack of fear — or refusing fear — confuses people.

I am still an overachiever, OCD, stubborn, I-have-no-one-to-please-but-myself 29 year old. But not caring about what ifs made me bold at work. Made me take risks people are not expecting. And that is, most of the time, is refreshing for a company.

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