5 ways organizations can benefit from encouraging creativity in the workplace.

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There is much more to creativity than artistic value

Creativity is everyone’s right, not a privilege.

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And do them on purpose.

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Your ability to focus is your biggest advantage. This is how you can turn it into a lasting habit.

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It takes a bit more effort than just listing the things you like.

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Gratitude without feelings is simply a list of things that you like.

Ask yourself: what does being creative mean to you?

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Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.— Mary Lou Cook

Creativity is… curiosity

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Scared to fail? This too could be a problem.

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You can agree with the inner critic, you can ignore it, or you can try something better.

  • comparing yourself with the others
  • insecurity about skills and experiences
  • being new to a certain environment

Sorry, I just don’t think you want it bad enough.

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Why and how bad ideas can make you more creative.

Anastasia Shch

Experience Strategist & Maker • Innovation, creativity & entrepreneurship

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