Be Scared, But Do It

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

As long as I remember, self-doubt and fear of judgement have haunted my work life. Every new project I’ve started, every new goal I’ve set — I had to face the hesitant thoughts in my head.

A while ago I was working with a life coach and we were discussing the topic of expertise. I honestly did believe that my knowledge is not enough to provide others with value.

But wait, she said, don’t you have like 2 masters degrees in that field?
Well, I said, I actually have 3. 
And what about work experience?
About 5 years in the industry, 2 of which I was in charge of a department.
And you still think that your experience is not enough?

Self-doubt comes naturally to many people because throughout our life we learn to question ourselves and our achievements, rather than celebrating it.

When I just started writing here, I had to let go of any expectations. It was the whole other world that did fit in one website, fascinating and scary at the same time. All I wanted was just to get a little taste of it. So I published my first story and just waited. And there it was.

The first clap.

Somebody liked my story! It is an unbelievable feeling when you receive the confirmation from somebody who you don’t even know that you’ve done something right. My ideas were valuable for somebody. That’s all that I wanted to know.

In my first month of writing, I’ve earned $0.45. But the story doesn’t end here.

I was spending hours every day reading such publication as The Startup and The Ascent, admiring the ideas that were shared there and learning from the articles. This is where I wanted to see myself next, but who am I comparing to these authors? I am not a native English speaker, not even close to a writer, just a regular person with some ideas.

There is no secret in overcoming this subconscious fear — fear of judgement, fear of denial. All it takes is action. You can do something and still be afraid, but you will be moving towards your goals, step by step. It is much easier to understand the groundlessness of your fears when you have the results and the evidence of your success.

As you can guess already, my stories did get accepted to those publications. It wasn’t scary after all, only the moment before I did hit the submission button.

Do and try, learn and experience, take action. Self-doubt and fear are common companions on the path to success. Questioning your own ideas and decisions only brings out the intelligent side of you.

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. William Shakespeare