#fashionupward: The Power of Lingerie, First Date Outfits, and Lies of a Capsule Wardrobe

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1. Why We Really Wear Fancy Lingerie

Karley Sciortino, columnist of Breathless for Vogue.com, writes a short piece on the power of beautiful lingerie not quite as what many women claim when they “only wear lingerie for myself” and not quite a sole move to seduce a lover, but somewhere in between. Embracing the power-play between animal and artifice can be done, can be feminist, and can be a fun dynamic that relates back to the idea of style as not only a reflection of our natural, primal selves, but who we desire to be for the day or even a moment.

Source: Racked

2. What’s Your Go-To Date Outfit?

Racked surveys their editors and some readers on go-to first date outfits, and it’s interesting to hear that the theme here is you never want to look like you’re trying too hard or that you dressed to impress. Ease is a big deal when it comes to style and seduction— is this a reflection of a increasingly casual dating culture and a rejection of fashion’s materialistic connotations?

Source: Fast Company

3. Clothes Shopping Sucks. Reformation’s High-Tech Store Reimagines It From The Ground Up

Reformation has always been a forward-thinking company that understands how to see ahead of what customers are asking for and instead look forward to what they really want, and I’m glad to see that they’re taking the same approach with their retail stores, finding inspiration outside of the fashion industry from Tesla and Apple.

Source: Racked

4. What to Wear as a 30 Year Old

30 is now coming up in less than a couple of years for me, and as the number looms closer, I find myself not so much thinking about my biological clock ticking, but about the fact that I haven’t quite nailed the look of adult me. (Priorities, right?) And it turns out I’m not the only one who hasn’t quite found myself yet.

Source: Business of Fashion

5. Fashion’s New Female Gaze: Movement or Myth?

Exploring a recent wave of emerging photographers that has cropped up — female photographers in Gen X and Y who choose to shoot intimate images of female subjects:

“I think our photography shares a common interest in finding new ways of representing the female body and the female subject even if done through different aesthetics” — Coco Capitán

Source: Fast Company

6. These Five Fashionable Brands Have Mastered Content That Sells

Remember when everyone was saying “Content is king” and fashion brands resisted because “nobody wants to read” or something like that? Well, it’s officially 2017 and media brands are killing it as the influencers and innovators in fashion.

Source: Man Repeller

7. The Lie of an Edited Wardrobe

Is the much-acclaimed concept of a capsule wardrobe really all it’s cracked up to be? What happens when, even through all the earnestness, we end up trying so hard to edit our lives and wardrobes down that it feels more a chore, even when capsules are unplanned as they so often are, that “It’s like eating oatmeal for breakfast every day: reliable, easy, boring.” I love the comments section, as always, on Man Repeller, for giving a glimpse into the unedited thoughts of its readers.

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