Practicing for a Mandala

It is believed that old habits die hard and new habits are hard to form. Especially as we grow older, we experience difficulty in creating new habits like going to the gym or keeping a daily journal. We either forget or resist. Things that we repeat form a strong impression in our neural pathways and the only way to integrate them into our daily life is to keep repeating them until they become a habit.

People who come to your yoga sessions share that they have tried various forms of exercises and diet at different points in time but haven’t been able to sustain the motivation. In the Indian yogic system, it has been adviced that any form of practice be done for one Mandala i.e 48 days. Just as the embryo needs to spend enough time in the womb to become a fully formed child, a yogic practice needs its time to mature within our system. It takes some time for our food to digest and give us energy. Similarly, it will take some time for the practices to integrate with our system and offer us benefits.

While adopting yogic practices newly, we create a space in our mind for it. We also make the necessary adjustments in our environment to accommodate the new habit, say an adjustment in our time schedule. It takes time for the mind and body to be tuned to this. Hence don’t be quick to judge, keep practicing for a Mandala and then beyond.