Really interesting article!
Claire Quigley

Claire Quigley, thanks for taking the time to comment! Fascinating to hear about this! I have never thought about how it might be when coming from “the other side;” in fact I never even pictured developers who shared an interest in poetry, presumably because anything to do with IT and coding is immediately stigmatized culturally as “number nerdy” (vs. lit nerdy).

The fact that you mention poetry in relation to your coding experience is funny, because in my literature studies I was always known as perhaps the one weird person in our class (according to a professor) who was more interested in poetry than prose. So perhaps I should be looking into functional programming languages then? As I said, I am only on my second course but I am currently learning about code bloat and find it especially fascinating to learn about how to make code more ‘elegant,’ something that’s probably owing to my interest in the poetic side of things.

Will we get to read your poems on medium soon?

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