The Joy Of Less: 4 Decluttering Epiphanies That Have Changed My Life
Michele Connolly

Great article on the real joys of owning less :) I can 100% relate, as I started drastically reducing the amount of possessions in my household at the beginning of this year.

I got rid of (read: donated) hundreds of books (seriously, hundreds), probably 80% of the clothes I used to own, and most decorative or any other kind of clutter, practically all of my paperwork (yes, why do we hang on to receipts of wine orders??), half of our kitchen stuff, the list goes on and on. The result is drawers & shelves so light and airy, I never thought this could be me. But apparently it is. And you know what? I still have enough. In some areas, I actually still have too much.

Because this brings about such an immensely positive psychological effect, I also have not experienced a ‘backlash’ or anything in that sense. The thought of buying stuff I might hate afterwards just keeps it all the way it is. The few things I buy now I make sure I absolutely love them — and then it’s ok to spend a little more on it. I’ll pay a bit more for one nice top to replace all the other tops I actually no longer liked. I’ll pay a bit more for one good pan instead of 4 crappy ikea ones.

Long story short: The only thing, and I mean literally the only thing I have actually regretted getting rid of is something I never even considered precious — a diabetic cookbook that I wasn’t aware contained the most awesome zucchini chocolate cake recipe on earth. But you know what? It costs 12 bucks on amazon. I think the amount of freedom and happiness I have gained is worth those 12 bucks.

So you are right: we cannot foresee what we will be missing. But that’s precisely what this is about. It’s trusting that we will be fine. That we don’t have to hoard things. Even if something’s missing, we trust that we will be ‘wealthy enough’ to just… get it. It’s this mindset that makes me feel truly rich every day.