What’s new in our latest build…

The Fluf World has arrived in the Sylo Smart Wallet.
  • Added support for FLUF World NFTs, one of the most traded projects currently available on OpenSea.
  • Added support for NFTs with videos.
  • Improved the payment modal when interacting with Ethereum smart contracts to clearly show the name of the contract method.
  • Fixed a bug displaying incorrect transaction fees when interacting in the browser and via WalletConnect.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing users…

Provide liquidity for SYLO on Uniswap, head to our dashboard and start earning rewards today…

* All numbers are examples only.

We’ve made it easier than ever for users around the world to interact with NFTs.

Why we’re launching Sylo Staking/Liquidity Mining.

Why saving your secret phrase is the key to keeping your crypto safe.

A deeper look at what we have in store for this year.


Moonstake + Sylo = A match made in DeFi heaven.

Keep stock of all your crypto investments in-app.

Meet the Crypto Tracker, your new best friend for keeping an eye on crypto prices.

A recap of our recent virtual roundtable.

Anabela Rea

Content & PR Manager at Sylo

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