The future is here. No quite yet but you need to be prepare. VR is the next big thing probably in 15 years from now.

You might be thinking why I’m talking about a subject that doesn’t happen yet. I’m not Nostradamus but I can tell you that the market is slowly taking us there in case you didn’t noticed. And if Mark Zuckerberg has put together a team of employees that will devote to this on Facebook, it must be worth it.

But why VR is so attractive for the audience?

For me, VR is a lucid dream. It allows us to actually live inside of our own minds. An immersive environment where everything around us is a creation of our own, shaped and molded by our dreams. Pictures, videos, songs, sounds, every single peace that in some way has inspire us, can be part of this experience.

As film creators, VR give us the chance to go deeper in the audience emotions and reactions. Stories are part of the human beings. If digital world has allowed people to create, VR has given them the opportunity to be part of the story world. It has fulfilled this innate desire in all of us of be part of the journey, of be the hero.

Filmmakers have this immense opportunity to artfully and creatively construct these subjective story worlds where we can capture and control the audience attention and pushing them into a state of deep immersion and absorption, in some kind of wake-walking lucid dream.

These thoughts blow my mind. VR it’s going to affect everything; shopping, entertainment, gaming, media, journalism, life itself.

Imagine how we are going to experience social media. It’s not only going to be about interact with family and friends and other people. It would be about empathy and sharing. VR will allow us to share our dreams with one another, we will experience the world from another’s point of view, we will inhabit another’s world, it will make us feel local in a global world. It’s an empathy machine.

VR make us feel like we are part of something. So, if we can involve the audience more, we might be able to make them feel something more as well. And filmmaking is exactly about that. Emotions, reactions, feelings. That’s what movies are made for.

Think about the future, think about VR and think about the audience experience. Start now.