The Normalization of Hate
Jenny Boylan

Trump is not advocating hate. He only wants to enforce the law (on immigration) and wants migrants/refugees vetted better before being admitted. Not surprising considering the bombings, killings, shootings that is in the news every day. Hate is already in our society. Considering that there are a lot of people who thinks that tormenting, harassing, bullying, etc is fun. Seems like it is their main source of sick amusement. A secret society of evil that a lot of people condones. Victims are being tagged, ganged up on and mercilessly tormented and abused. And for what? For the slimy excuse that she wanted to slap this jerk. This jerk happens to be a member of this secret evil society. And so the torment goes on and on and everyone in it is amused. Except of course the victim. What a sick society. Like no man has ever been slapped by a woman before. Trump is for our country and the legal Americans. He is not advocating hate or anything of that sort. People should wise up.