5 Secret Tips For Exams.

When Exams are about to start, we are already tense that what will be the paper or will I be able to do them or not. Let me tell you some tips Let’s move on to tip number 1.

  1. When you get the question paper, the first thing you have to do is not to read it in a hurry, Because we already have a fear of question paper and when you will read it immediately, your fear will grow ten times more and questions that you know how to do and don’t know how to do will all get mixed up and you will get confused. So, let’s move on to the 2nd tip.
  2. Now I have to tell you what to do in the above situation? Ok, the first thing you have to do is to calm down, don’t read the question paper, and just remember the person that has hope that you will pass and think that they are telling you, “You can do this, I am with you and don’t worry”, trust me this will motivate you and create big confidence in you.
  3. Next is this that when you read the paper just read the first question and don’t give attention to anything, forget the world and focus on every single word of the question and then make an answer of whatever you know about that question and your answer is ready.
  4. Ok so when you don’t know the answer to any one question just leave it and do the rest of the paper and at the end just look at the question you leave suppose it was question 5, just read the question, understand it and write everything you know about it, it may not be the exact answer but it is better than leaving it and cutting your own marks, now there are 100% chances that you will get at least half marks.
  5. Next, you have to do is not discuss your paper with your friends. They might say that your answer is wrong and you get disturbed even if your paper was right they might disturb your brain so this is a powerful trick to follow.

Follow these tips to score the highest in exams best of luck.




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