My experience in bootcamp so far

Just like the pages of a book, everyday comes with a new phase. The experience is quite interesting. However, good things don’t come easy. Just as interesting as it is so is the stress. My experiences are many, but I will be giving details of some of them.

Picking interest in web development is one thing and learning it is another thing. Considering the fact that manpower is limited in this part of the world. Thank God for Andela bootcamp. Within one week of this bootcamp I have been exposed to various applications, frameworks and programming languages. My encounter with pivotal tracker has changed my perception of project management. I have always read about agile methodology, but have not been able to see its implementation. In less than one work andela bootcamp has exposed me to the reality of agile methodology, the idea behind the technology is now clear. Practice they say makes perfect.

Version control was another mysterious technology that I did not understand. However, the mystery behind it has been revealed in this one week through github. Learning github was quite challenging. Not just learning the code, but using it the right way.

I would also like to write on my experience working in a team to achieve individual goals. Andela believes that you own your own learning and equally understand the need for team work. Grouping us in teams is another interesting experience. Working together with people of different characters has made me a better person in the area of human relation. I have come to understand individual differences and how to manage them.

Stress management is also another aspect that my experience can never be over emphasized. I have improved greatly in this aspect. Apart from studying and reading, I have to attend to various forms per day, attend to my daily challenge and submit before deadline. Sleeping four hours a day is very difficult to come by. I have learnt how to manage stress.

Finally, I would like to like to express my experience in the aspect of web development. My programming skills have improved greatly in the last one week.