The Top 52 leading and inspiring Women in Mobility and Energy by Mobilion Ventures

4 min readMar 27, 2022


On the occasion of International Women’s Day celebrations in March 2022, venture capital fund Mobilion Ventures, which invests in early-stage startups in the field of smart transportation and digital services for the automotive world, has put a spotlight on inspiring women in the automotive, smart transportation and energy related industries.

The campaign was attended by senior and influential executives in large and international companies, startups, municipalities, venture capital funds, academia, and the press.

The women were asked what attracts them to the world of smart transport or the world of energy, how they see the future of moblity and what their tips are for young entrepreneurs in these fields. The insights and vision of these women challenge us to see more women lead in the world of smart mobility and understand what has prevented them to this day from being a more central part of this (until recently) outdated industry that has undergone a makeover in recent years.

For years, the auto industry has belonged mostly to men. We all remember the pictures of men riding or driving their vehicles on the roads next to their wives. Most of the car companies’ advertisements even nowadays are based on a man driving a luxurious, new and shiny vehicle while the woman is not in the front of the vehicle unless it is an exhibition of vehicles. Then, they bring in models who will stand next to the innovative vehicles for marketing purposes. Is it just us, or is this not the full picture?

The reality is that today many women can be seen in the automotive industry, but they do not necessarily hold positions that deal with direct day-to-day work with vehicles (other than marketing) or at the core of technological activity and in-depth understanding of the field.

Most women in the Mobility world lead innovation, marketing, human resources, finance, sales, or business development and this does not indicate that they really understand the technical, technological aspect or how the automotive world really works from the inside.

Women who really love the world of sales, are interested in the vehicles themselves and understand the most advanced vehicle technologies or work in the garage you will not find much to say the least. Additionally, most conferences in the automotive world you will go to, probably if you see a woman on stage, it is just because the event coordinators actively searched for a female speaker and convinced her to speak on the stage for gender equality presence.

We anticipate that with the development of the smart transport industry, and especially in the field of transport services (MaaS), new professions will develop and young companies will become huge companies in the automotive world. As can be seen in the campaign, part of the great revolution that will be in the coming years will bring females to reach key management positions in the fields of transportation, energy and sustainability and see this as a real mission. What employer would not want such employees with a desire to be part of a big mission? We hope that the automotive industry will allow them to feel equal in terms of both salaries and professional promotion.

Despite the above, the world of smart transportation is in the midst of a huge and global revolution, and here lies the great opportunity for change. It is time for a revolution in recruiting and promoting women to key positions in the world of Mobility.

So, how should the mobility industry attract more women? In my opinion there are four practical ways to do so:

1) Education : this is the problem that the whole high-tech industry is facing.
From a young age, we should introduce girls to play with cars, love mechanics, engineering, robotics and other automotive related products.
When hiring women in your company, educate them on how the vehicle works, what the obstacles and challenges are in the field and include them in the strategic and technical discussions.

2) Hiring: actively hire more women. Research shows that diverse and mixed teams increase the productivity and success of the team work, and also enables higher ROI to the company. If you don’t have enough women in your company, ask yourself — why? Maybe you should provide an incentive or marketing campaign in order to attract more women.

3) Promotions and salary : equal salaries, conditions, and promotions to C-level roles. If you want to have more women in senior levels you should actually promote them, and provide an equal platform to grow in.

4) Aim to a specific target number : set a goal of let’s say 30% of the employees in your company will be women by 2026. When you have a clear target in mind, the possibility to reach it increases automatically.

The world of Mobility is opening its doors to groundbreaking technologies and new roles that did not exist before. Therefore, there is a huge shortage in the field of technical and technological workers in the world of transportation — and perhaps this is where the desired change can be initiated.

To conclude: the next time you’re looking to hire a women or you serach for an amazing speaker for an event : take a look at this amazing list of 52 women, approach the relevant leader, and get inspired.

Author: Anna Leizerovici Ekstein, Principal and Director of Business Development, Mobilion Ventures.
Editor: Michael Tobianah, Investment Analyst , Mobilion Ventures