When you’re not satisfied with your relationship, the easiest thing is, we all know, to break up. If you are in an abusive relationship or have some serious, major disagreements you’re not able to resolve, don’t wait for a second longer.

The problem with smaller disagreements and problems that are arising due to our expectations and set of beliefs is that, even if we leave the current partner, we still take with us our same beliefs, expectations, behavior. We’re just bringing all of that into the next relationship. …

Once upon a time, I believed in fairy tales. I was a princess who will one day find her prince. My prince won’t be like other, ordinary fellas. He is going to be so special and made just for me that we would instantly sense that when we meet. The time will just prove that we are perfectly meant for each other.

That’s how the fairy tale was supposed to go. With a lot of romantic moments that take your breath away, wonderful surprises, romantic getaways, love poems, lovely gestures, hearts running around our heads, and all other cheesy stuff.

It’s not just about tools & tactics, it’s mostly about mindset.

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After quitting my job at a big corporation, I made an agreement with myself that whatever I do next I must do it differently. I must find a way to work less and earn more. I must learn to be more productive, better organized, and not repeat the same mistakes.

There must be a way to have great results without always working long hours. There must be a way to work smarter (not just harder). I remember reading in some book a long time ago that Napoleon Hill said…

After Amundsen’s successful expedition to the South Pole in 1911, another Antarctica explorer, Ernest Shackleton, set out to cross Antarctica, from sea to sea via the pole. However, his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition did not achieve its goal. Their ship got stranded into the ice in the Weddell Sea. They were hoping that when the ice melts they would be able to continue their trip, but the Endurance (ship’s name) couldn’t endure the pressure from the ice it was surrounded with. The whole crew ended up camping on the ice in life-saving boats for almost two months. When they were able…

You have an interesting story, knowledge or experience you want to share but you are unsure how to structure it? How to make an interesting and useful post that people would read and share? How to title it? You an expert in your field, but you are not an expert in writing?

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The good thing is that writing is a skill you can learn. With it, you can share with the world your opinion, expertise and other useful and interesting stories you have. This will help establish yourself as a credible source and expert in your field of work.


Thinking about having a conversation with your boss about a raise, to your partner about something that is bothering you or to your neighbor for being too loud often creates an unpleasant feeling. How do we start a difficult conversation without turning it into a fight?

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We want to have a good relationship with our boss, and we care about our partner, neighbor, friend but sometimes we must talk about problems and what is not going well. Those conversations should make us feel better and improve our relationship with them, not make everything worse.

There are a few things people…

At a crowded party where you are meeting many people, are you going to remember the ones who introduced themselves formally and in a regular fashion or someone who made you laugh with an interesting comment? You have only once chance to make the first impression which can be crucial.

When we meet someone, we don’t remember what they said but how they made us feel.

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People buy emotions

Research shows that emotional response to a commercial can influence a buyer a lot more than just pure content of the ad.

That’s why brands are trying to be different, attract attention and produce…

You could be going through a divorce, a breakup, loss of a dear person, big life change (changing jobs, cities, careers, continents…). Whatever may be the reason why you are feeling bad, there are things you can do to feel better and help yourself heal faster and get away from those cloudy skies.

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Life is like a rollercoaster: sometimes, we are happy, and everything is great, but there inevitably come times when we feel down, gloomy, sad, stressed or worried.

The first thing you should know is: it is normal to be sad sometimes and we all experience those feelings…

Ana Brzakovic

A communications expert who loves writing and sharing useful stories. Enthusiast, traveler, runner, avid reader. Life-long learner. Blogger at anabrzakovic.com

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