The 1996 Article Every Millennial Should Read
Savannah L. Barker

Loved this article. It inspired me. 
The simple fact of being a woman in politics already shows her strength. I’m very excited with the possibilities of USA electing a female president. It’s a cannibalistic world and it’s far more dangerous to woman, so the ones who can survive it are real heroes. I’ve watched my president, Dilma Rousseff, from Brazil, hearing “go fuck yourself” from a packed football stadium in the World Cup. Those were not just people who didn’t agreed with her way of leading the country. Those were people who though that was ok because she’s a woman and she shouldn’t be there anyway. The amount of hate thrown her way is unheard in Brazil’s history, and we’ve had far more outraging presidents. It’s useless to hope things like this won’t happen to Hillary, because they will. What I hope is that she can endure it, and it can make her stronger.

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