“Then” – a poem published to honour love and “Sarbatoarea Dragobetelui” in Romania

As on the 24th of February love is celebrated on the occasion of “Sarbatoarea Dragobetelui” in Romania – the country I will love eternally, I hereby mark that moment by making public “Then” – a poem amongst the very first I have ever dared to write.


Then I grab my pen to write

That I love her

That she’s got the most beautiful hair

And that my life is sinking into it

And if you feel it’s a hilarious thing,

Your wish…

Her eyes, her eyebrows, nose and lips

Are all for me, all mine, only mine…

I am she and she is I

And when she cries, I cry along with her

And every sleepless night I am awake

Thinking of her and only her

Kissing again, all over again

Her wrists, her ankles and her heels…

And then she leaves and all I am left with

Is the ground and her footprints worshipped

And then I kiss,

I kiss her in my dreams…

A beautiful poem he’s dedicated to me

Then, I don’t know why and when…

Written by AMC as of 7th of July 2012

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