And to make matters worse, while your content that falls to the bottom of the feed, Kim Kardashian posts selfies to a skyrocketing following.
The Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Famous On Social Media
Ben Noble

I think we can all relate to this and maybe also at a less extreme level. I see people on here, even experienced it myself, who post something that you’d think is good, that you believe has value.

It sinks off the feed.


Then some utterly average angry rant like: GUYS – WHY DONT YOU ALL STOP CATCALLING ME OK????? It’s sexist!!!!

2,500 likes with comments like “I don’t know how you think of these original blogs!!” “Wow. Just wow. You put it so well…” “re-blogging this.”

*blinks* You’ve made me feel there is hope. :)

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