Side Project Marketing is The New King
Ali Mese

Great article. 
This is awesome and terrifying at the same time.
It makes me wonder how far will we have to go. Content marketing is already a “side product marketing” itself, so if we have to run a side product for a side product, this might become endless.

I mean, I’m aware that content marketing is no longer a product B that creates/enhances interest for product A (and I love that)… But making it so good that it becomes a source itself doesn’t erase the fact that what we’re doing is creating one million ways to make our thing (our company, our product, our personal brand, whatever) work — and, again, this is both awesome and terrifying. Because that structure might become unsustainable. It’s an aritmetic progression. It’s only gonna get bigger and bigger. So much time, money and strategy to keep it all working. 
However, it’s awesome too. No one said it had to be one dimensional. The more content and creative approaches, the better. It’s just that thinking of the multiple possibilites makes me tired in advance…

Great article, though.

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