These are the Voyages…

Our secret plan for world domination has always been as follows:

1) Create a site for freelance Action Heroes (authors) to publish their action plans and monetize their expertise.

2) Add features for publishers and associations to augment their existing online courses and ebooks with a cool new delivery mechanism: action plans.

3) Add enterprise features for organizations to use in a variety of simple, yet essential business processes like employee on-boarding, vendor selection and employee reviews.

The Conceit

The rubric for AnActionPlan has always been “for all your big life events, you need an action plan”. It has been aimed squarely at actual people, not companies. The reason is that frankly it was a bit lower risk. We could be pretty agile without a corporate paymaster breathing down our neck. So far, that plan has been working splendidly.

The Twist

Fortunately, corporations are people, too. The life of a corporation has plenty of events, starting at its founding, all the way until its death when the market tanks or someone invents an electric car that someday takes down the entire petroleum-industrial-complex. I said someday.

All companies have processes, some more complex than others. Many of them happen so infrequently that it doesn’t make sense to have a person dedicated to that task. With an action plan, those processes like choosing software, vendor on-boarding and even hosting an annual user group meeting can all be encapsulated in an easy-to-follow action plan, complete with checklists, metrics and management oversight. They can be customized, measured and tracked all the way through execution.

The Rabble

The people that make up the corporation also have events within the context of their employment that make great candidates for action plans. The most obvious is employee on-boarding. That is a process that each employee only does once. It has a plenty of intricacies related to systems access, benefits options and even physical access. Perfect for a step-by-step just-in-time process.

The Rub

It is looking like we will be working on these features earlier than planned. It turns out that companies really want action plans. Who knew? Several opportunities are in the works that will require us to buttress up some of our features, particular analytics and indicator tracking, as well as integration with other software.

The Refrain

This is actually great news, since the past 20 years of my career has been working with enterprise software, and my other two companies are also enterprise software companies. I’m no stranger to cubical farms and corner office intrigue.

The Prestige

To be clear, we’re not abandoning our original plan. We still have a great platform for Action Heroes to make money with their content. We are constantly improving those features, and will continue to do so in parallel with the enterprise features that we will be adding.

The Woohoo

We’re accelerating to step three faster than anticipated. Woohoo!

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