The guy who thought of Bob

This is not a story about Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize of literature. This is a story recreating a fictitious tour de force that most likely had to take place before the award.

Thing is, no one talks about the one person who actually came up with Bob’s name for a nominee. Just think about it: a strict and ass old institutional award such as the Nobel- you are called out to be part of the jury. You’re like ‘ok, let me start thinking on the zillions of literary pieces I have ever read in my 70 year old life that have inspired generations and made political stances’. And so you start thinking. You have dinner with your family and the thought of names like Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, Orhan Pamuk or Jose Saramago keep crossing your mind as gold standards of literature that have already taken the godly award home.

Then one day as you are thinking of such erudite personas, you put on your Bob Dylan records and you start remembering those days when you were young and smoked some weed and wanted to change the world because it made sense and you thought you could. And now you want to change the world again, at the top of you 70 young years, Bob has done it again! You run to your peers and you tell them his name and everyone thinks you’re crazy! You have just started a battle with consequences far greater than you ever imagined.

But you did it, he was chosen. Like when he sang decades earlier ‘the times they are a changing’ and you thought they were but never felt it, you now changed the institution that was so solid and so predictable.

This is probably not how it happened but I like to think it is. In my opinion the fact that Bob Dylan has won the Nobel is surpassed by the fact that his own words inspired a group of people to rock the foundations of an institutional mafia. Which is in turn surpassed by the fact that his words and songs inspired a generation that inevitable inspired me to be who I am today.