Pep goes to Rio

tldr; Just send rio to Pep on a dm and it will take it from there!

Pep is designed to make workplace more fun. A key part of the that is our fact and quizzes feature. We ask employees about interesting facts about them and then use those facts to quiz their colleagues. This way people discover interesting trivia about their colleagues. This not only acts as icebreakers between co-workers who don’t interact regularly but it also makes a good conversation starter among colleagues who work with each other everyday.

Learn more about your colleagues through quiz

Nothing brings people together like sports and when it comes to sports, there’s no arena bigger than Olympics.

Pep is being trained to follow Olympics as we speak. Starting 6th of August, you will be able to lookup schedules and medal tally. Throughout the duration of Olympics, we plan to add more features to Pep that would allow people to stay up to date while also connecting with their colleagues over sports.

Join your colleagues in tracking the action by sending rio to Pep as a direct message.

Lets go Rio!