Slack for office managers

Slacking and managing an office, may actually be a match made in heaven (pun intended :))

As an office manager, you are expected to wear many hats during a work day. From writing and responding to emails, organising meetings, taking in requests from people, keeping tabs on who is working from where and other, making expenses for the office and other such countless adhoc jobs are all things you are expected to do.

That’s where Slack can come in and streamline a lot of your work. If your team already uses Slack, all you need to do is install a few apps and you can make yourself much more efficient. If not, then I strongly urge you to try and champion it. Slack is not just an internal communication tool, it can be a fully functional work desk of the future. Here’s a list of five apps that can really power-up your work as an office manager.

ExpenseTron — A light weight, yet powerful solution for all your expense related needs. Get purchase requests from people, collect bills for reimbursable expenses, keep a track on your office expenses and sync all info to your QuickBooks and Xero.

FreshService — Do you double up as the office IT person as well? You can’t possibly live without this nifty app. Add it to your Slack team and keep a tab on IT issues by the team.

Cently — Want to buy something? Simply use the buy command. Paste in the url of the item you want, and Cently handles submitting the purchase to the retailer automatically! You skip the checkout process entirely!

AVBot — Got lots of A/v equipment and meeting rooms to manage? With AVBot keep a tab on which meeting rooms are available and with which equipment.

AttendanceBot — ‘Do you know where Carl is on Wednesday?’ Surely you get asked such questions time and again. With this popular app, you can keep a tab on travel and availability statuses of people. It can also be used to track vacation times and in/out timings.

Got suggestions for any more? Leave them in the comments.