My Story of political Prison-hood in the USA

I have forwarded this to the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, Seattle Times, Defender, Atlanta Voice and others. Let us see if only American lives alone are worth something. Here is the release. Please feel free to share. I have nothing to hide and have committed no criminal acts. There is no evidence that I did anything wrong, else, let my persecutors present their case.


I have an incredible story for you. I have also been technically a political prisoner in the US for the past two years. Here is the reason I am contacting you now.

Over a week ago, I posted two videos on facebook and they were neither rejected nor approved. See the videos here:

24 hours after posting them, I got an email from my public defender saying the judge wants to hear a dismissal motion that has been pending since the beginning of the year. It was initially scheduled for 27th June, from 4th May, that was set in February or so. The judge now wants to hear it on Wednesday (update: this date just got moved today because the judge is at a meeting all day tomorrow.) I have a hunch that the videos have some connection to this sudden activity — in a system that has not adjudicated in 2 years. The emphasis has been on “settling.” However, the State wants me to admit to a small criminal felony that they will then wipe away — like nothing happened. Well my common sense tells me that if you make a mistake, the thing to do is say sorry and make amends. You don’t bully your way into a face saving outcome — at the expense of my life. Refusing to take a deal is the reason I have been stripped of all humanity and left to die — unless I agree.

In the two years, I have spent that time rebuilding with new inventions. The latest is zero electric cooling, heating and air quality control. I have an indiegogo campaign running and a working prototype in the US now:

I also created in that time:

Getting good ideas off the ground under my condition has been almost impossible. Yet I have not relented in trying.

Allmost all the files related to case can be found here:

To get a quick glance at the case, you can look at these files:

So here we have the guy that is going to possibly change the energy equation by removing space heating and cooling from fossil and electric power, getting criminalized without the evidence and legal due process. At the moment, I am getting beaten up by my landlord and I can’t even move because I have no ID to check into a hotel or rent a place. I depend on people to pay cheques in and if I lost my phone, or bank card, I will not be able to replace them. I have effectively been set up to die. I have not seen my family since they left the US last year.

I don’t trust these guys in New Jersey. The sudden urgency could mean two things: 1) quickly covering tracks, or 2) about to make me pay for protest.

I need help. I have copied my wife Dr Pui-Ying Iroh Tam. I am just like Otto.