Home Away From Home

Growing up me and my family didn’t have much, but we made the most of what we had. This taught me to value the little things in life, to be humble, to value and appreciate everything that I had. We lived on a mountain with acres of land that my family had owned for years. Around us you could hear the roosters that would wake you up around five in the morning, the cows and there was plenty of land to plant crops in enough to live off and .

This place was a little tight for a family of four but we made it work because things could only get better at this point we thought. We lived in the small basement of a home that was renovated into a room. The basement had two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen and living room. The homes in Puerto Rico were a little different from the typical american home the houses were completely made of cement to withstand the earthquake, hurricanes and constant rain.

My parents were searching for the American Dream “ El Sueno Americano” and this dream that we so looked for was only a plane ride away from our small home in Puerto Rico. It was the land of hope and freedom. Where you could live freely without being judged and actually make an honest living.

We left the only place that I had ever known as home around 2001 when I was about three years old. All I have is a faint memory of the day being at the airport, and then being on the plane.

My family moved to Florida in a city known as Fort Myers. Here we came to own our second apartment which also had two rooms and one bath but it was a little roomier then the last.

In this small apartment was where i remembered my first real Christmas. This year my dad had bought a huge tree that could barely fir through the door we filled the tree with beautiful Christmas lights and lots of presents under the tree for me and my brother. This was a place that really felt like home at least for a little.

A couple of months later my mom began to feel ill, loose a lot of weight and on top of all this her not being able to acquire a job because she couldn't speak English stressed her out even more. We had no idea what was wrong with her and she slowly began to fall into depression.

My mothers health wasn’t getting any better so my dad made the decision to move back home to Puerto Rico. She felt alone being in a new place with no immediate family or even her mother close by.

We later figured out that was making my mother sick because of something called thyroids disease it controls the body’s weight and metabolism. The thyroid hormone is what regulates an animal or humans metabolism.

We moved back and in with my grandparents because it was all we could afford at this point. On the bright side after we got my mother the proper medicine back home to treat her disease she began to show a huge improvement and being around family helped that much more.

As my mother’s health improved she began to notice how selfish she had been to move back home from the poverty that we were trying to escape. She went from having her own home with her husband and kids to no nothing, back to square one with mom and dad. The decision was later made that we were moving back to our new home away from home. After moving back we lived in our old apartment for a short period of time while we found a permanent new home. By this time I was five years old, old enough to be enrolled in school with my brother who had already been previously attending the same school.

A couple promotions and months later my dad was able to buy my mother the house of her dreams, our home away from home. It was a place in Lehigh Acres, Fl, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a roomy kitchen and living room. This home contains all of our struggles and hard work that we went through and still go through today. Our forever home that we still live in today after almost twelve years.

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