One Effective Way to Make Software Development More Productive

John Broussard
Feb 28, 2018 · 2 min read

Software errors and bugs have a way of frustrating everyone, from the users who encounter them to the developers forced to provide solutions. Unfortunately, many types of bugs do a great deal of damage before even being formally noticed by those best positioned to resolve them.

When that happens, even a software development business that is committed to providing a high quality product can easily lose customers. Error reporting systems that make it much easier to stay on top of bugs and other issues can benefit developers in a number of important ways.

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An Easy, Automated Way to Make Bugs Known

One top platform of this general kind makes the normally complex work of bug tracking into something simple. Exceptionless is designed to be as easy as possible to deploy and use, while still providing an impressive amount of functionality. As those who look for more at will see, some of the system’s most important features include:

Bug capture. When problems arise with just about any piece of user-facing software, the value of that tool will be diminished. Even developers who try to stay in the loop at all times, however, often end up missing the appearance of significant, stubborn errors. Systems that automate the process of bug reporting and tracking make this a lot less likely and provide other benefits in the process. With every occurrence of a bug being automatically described and collected, developers can always count on remaining informed.

Granular detail. Bug reports differ widely in terms of how helpful they are, even when they are being submitted freely and consistently. Developers can easily waste many precious hours trying to reproduce or track down bugs when offered too little information about their nature. Systems that automatically add important information like stack traces, execution contexts, times of occurrence, and URLs inevitably make it much simpler to investigate and resolve bugs. Instead of needing to do a great deal of supporting work merely to get started, developers can hit the ground running in every case.

The Freedom to Focus on Features, Innovation, and Customer-Pleasing Updates

When developers gain access to tools like these, they become able to devote more of their time to improving software in positive, strategic ways. Instead of always being forced to react to the appearance of bugs and invest too much into fixing them, developers start to become enabled to focus more strategically. That ultimately translates into being able to turn out software that customers will appreciate and value more.

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